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About us

Omolgab Foods Nigeria Limited is a leading and established Popcorn company based in Lagos Nigeria. Founded by Loveth Asemota, an astute, hardworking, focused and seasoned executive. The company started in 1990. We are largely into importation of Popcorn seeds from the USA, Argentina and Brazil. We also import and distribute cake accessories. Omolgab had a humble beginning and has grown tremendously due to dedication to excellence and service.


Omolgab is a respected company when it comes to Popcorn importation and distribution in Nigeria. We sell to top Cinemas, Local distributors, wholesalers, retailers and to individuals who like to make Popcorn in their Kitchen and fancy a Popping adventure. We are proud to say that we enjoy about 60% share of the Popcorn market in Nigeria and our like-for-like sales trajectory have maintained an upward trend. We import high volumes of quality Popcorn throughout the year.


We offer the best, tasty and top quality Popcorn brands. We are known as the leader of Popcorn supply in Nigeria and our credentials speak for itself. Our value-led offerings make us the 'preferred' vendor and we make sure we meet and surpass your expectations.


We have been serving our dear customers over the years by providing unmatched customer service delivery. Effective service is at the heart of our business and we go the extra mile to provide an individialised service which has constantly resulted in repeat businesses. We are dedicated to Quality as this is part of our company's mission.


Our valued customers "believe" in us and in our ability to deliver unequalled products and service.



Many lives have been transformed as we help new entrants who like to do Popcorn business to comprehend the trade, i.e. educating customers on how to make Popcorn without wasting the corn or get it burnt, providing them with efficient Machines that can guarantee profits and return on Investment. Some customers come back to us and thank us for our support that guided them in starting Popcorn business.



We have a mission and it is to be a leading Popcorn company established to constantly and actively provide quality Popcorn to our customers, in a "timely manner''. We are focused on our strategic direction to remain relevant and lead in our industry.


Our company values are Quality, Trust, Service, Innovation, Reliability and Value for money spent.



We strongly believe in Corporate social responsibility and sustainability, we adhere to rules and regulations about product usage and safety.
















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