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Products overview

Omolgab offers different quality Popcorn seeds sourced from the most fertile lands in the USA, Brasil and Argentina.


Our Popcorn brands are "obviously" the best in Nigeria, many customers have confirmed it and we are very proud to be offering these unique products.


Available Popcorn products include Magic Pop, Great Pop, Kings Pop, Popweaver. We provide neat and well sewned bags 25kg and sometimes 20kg. The Popping ratio or expansion available are 40-42, 42-44


The bags mostly come in Polypropylene bags and sometimes we sell in paper bags depending on our customers requirement.


We can also offer quantities that are less than a bag to small retailers or to individuals that want to prepare delicious Popcorn in their kitchen or for a party.


For our valued wholesalers, we can arrange for supply of Popcorn across the country and deliver with ''Speed''.Omolgab is the preferred company when it comes to Popcorn supply in Nigeria. We exist to serve you better, so we go the extra mile to serve our customers no matter how far they are from Lagos.

Popcorn distributors in Lagos
Popcorn distributors in Lagos
Popcorn distributor in Lagos, Popcorn for event in Lagos
Popcorn distributor in Lagos

Omolgab offers beautiful, neat and attractive Popcorn boxes and cups,

These can be used to serve Popcorn at various events



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