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Powder milk suppliers in Lagos, Powder milk suppliers in Nigeria

Products overview

In the twenty-first century, popcorn has evolved from the traditional sugar and salt to the use of quality and savory Popcorn seasoning which delivers a unique popping adventure.


Our quality flavours are available in different ranges which inlcude, Cheesy Jalepeno, Caramel, Nancho chedder, Butter, chocolate and many more.


We source these flavours from the best manufacturers abroad and it comes in beautiful and attractive pakaging.


So whether you are heading for the big screens or you are experimenting popcorn in your kitchen, we encourage you to try these exciting flavours and you will be glad you did.

Caramel flavour in Lagos, Popcorn flavour in Lagos, Popcorn for events in Lagos

This flavour is special, the aroma is excellent. Add to your kettle while popping and get an exceptional Caramel Popcorn you've always desired!

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This quality premium milk powder can be added to fresh Popcorn to enrich its taste.

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