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   Value for money


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Great Pop is a highly quality

Popcorn, crunchy and unique!

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Destination of Choice for

       Quality Popcorn

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Have a unique cinema experience with our quality Popcorn in most Cinemas across the country

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 Omolgab provides Popcorn machines of

  various sizes to meet your expectations

Caramel flavour in Lagos, Popcorn flavour in Lagos

Bakery and cake decoration

accessories are available

and come with great offers too

These flavours provide an enhanced

and enjoyable snacking experience

Omolgab prides itself as a leader in the Popcorn industry, due to many years of experience in the trade. When you are looking for a Popcorn store in Nigeria, Omolgab is the right place for you. Our customers are passionate to do business with us due to our dedication to excellence and the provision of unequalled customer service. We can also educate you on how to make Popcorn so you can make good profit and maximise your return on investment. We offer 'top' quality products. We are the perfect vendor for Popcorn supply in Nigeria.

We offer a wide range of cake accessories like baking pans, mixers, nozzle, cake stands, cups, spoons, flour, Milk powder, colouring, butter, sugar, cake flavours, pastry brush and many more. As a preferred vendor offering cake accessories in Nigeria, we are always delighted to welcome you to our stores, providing you with great products with fair and competitive prices. Omolgab is value-oriented, with a desire that customers can enjoy our products, we listen to your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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