Products overview

Omolgab offers quality Popcorn machines imported from abroad, we also have Popcorn machines that are locally designed. You will get a functional machine that will meet your needs and guarantee a peace of mind. Omolgab is your preferred destination for Popcorn supply and machines in Nigeria.


Machine steel kettle are usually in 6, 8,12 ounce. We also have industrial machines for large scale popping, for conference, wholesale and large events.


In pursuing one of our core values which is 'service' Omolgab goes the extra mile to educate and train clients on how to effectively use the Popcorn machines to provide ultimate, absolute and unique popping experience. Many movie cinemas have benefited from this services.


For our valued customers, we do arrange delivery across the country. We are committed to providing value, so we make conscious effort to serve our customers no matter how far they are from Lagos.

Quality Hot Air Popper, Portable and easy for making delicious Popcorn at home

8oz imported
Quality glass machine

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